Sanctity in PIME

A compilation of the Life Stories of the Saintly Figures in PIME

a cura del Seminario PIME Vidya Bhavan (Pune, India)

   Pune 2017 - pagine 36


The book was authored by the Batch of Spirituality 2018 as a product of their course on “Models of Holiness.” The publication of the book was a fruit of a seminar presentation in November 2017, where the spirituality batch academically reflected on the life and spirituality of these worthy models of sanctity in PIME. The book presents the life stories of these saints (Monsignor Angelo Ramazzotti, Bl. Giovanni Mazzucconi, St. Alberico Crescitelli, Bl. Paolo Manna, Bl. Clemente Vismara and Bl. Mario Vergara) in a narrative form, appealing specially to the youth and is aimed at animating the youth to follow the example of these spiritual heroes. The community is also working on to bring out copies of the same book in various local languages of India for the animation among the youth regionally.

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